Anthony Wayne Recreation Area snowy bike path

Today we hoped to hike some trails near Bear Mountain. Although we knew that the big snowstorm would leave the trails in poor condition, we thought that the nice day yesterday would make it manageable so long as we stayed on fairly level ground. So we planned a long hike around the mountain hoping to stay on level ground.

The hike started in the Anthony Wayne recreation area, and we followed some trails where others had obviously been the day before. But it was still early (9:30) and the old tracks turned to sheer ice, so when we hit the first hill it was almost impossible to go up it.

So we wandered around going north on flat land for a bit until we realized that it was easy going because we were on the bike trail! So we decided that our new hike would be to just follow the bike trail in a circle.


We doubled back south for a long while then proceeded past where we had started. We went all the way to where some skiers had obviously turned around and no hikers had been the day before (from the fresh snow). Beautiful!


We realized quickly why no one, especially skiers, had gone this far. Lots of downed trees. Easily passable on foot though.


The bike trail was long, and most of it was in fairly deep snow. We had some fortune to walk in ATV tracks for a bit, but we quickly found that he hadn’t really stayed on the trail so blindly following them was a bad idea. We stayed on the bike trail, completed the loop, and ended back at the parking lot.

We finished the day in Hogans Family diner, in the wonderful little town of Stony Point. Even though it was 1:30, the diner was very busy probably because of daylight savings time. Everybody else was there because it was 12:30 in their heads! Despite the business the service was fast and the woman who seated us was charming.

It seemed that everybody was having a hamburger around us so we decided we should have a hamburger too. De got the turkey burger and I got a hamburger. De had the great idea to get sweet potato fries! They were delicious! Definitely need to go back and order something new.

Total time: 4 hours
Total distance: Unknown
Best workout: lifting knees in deep snow
Worst moment: walking down icy stairs

Hike rating: 4/5 for first hike of the year, serendipitously creating a new hike on the fly, serenity, and weather
Diner rating: 5/5. This is what we expect a diner to be 🙂